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Sale of Computer Equipment

Sale of computer equipment for individuals and businesses
Located in Geneva, our company supports and advises you in the choice of your computer equipment for increasing the productivity of your work. Whether you are an individual or a company, we help you to get the best possible equipment and assist you in the event of a breakdown.
If you have any questions or requests, please do not hesitate to contact us, we act quickly not wasting your time in the event of a computer problem.

Renewal of computer equipment for top quality

Our company is committed to renewing your computer equipment, from the central unit to the screen, including essential accessories in your daily life. Individuals and companies may call us and join a complete package with the setup service included into the price.
Our package includes the commissioning of your new IT installation, the installation of the desired applications as well as the migration of data from your old computer. We offer high-performance equipment for businesses as well as for individuals at a very competitive price.
Utilisation domestique / Bureautique

Utilisation domestique / Bureautique
Lenovo V / Ideapad series

14/15 et 17 pouces
Processeur Intel
Disque Dur SSD
8/16 gbs mémoire Vive
ATI Radeon / Intel Graphics
Lecteur DVD (seul dans les 17 pouces)
Windows famille ou Pro
License Office 2019 pro plus ( sans souscription ) y compris
Mise en service / Configuration / Migration données et Livraison y compris

À partir de 500.- CHF TTC
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Utilisation Professionel

Utilisation Professionel
HP 200 G Series / Lenovo Thinkpad serie

14 pouces
Intel Core i7
256/512 Gbs disque dur SSD
16/32 Gbs memorie Vive
Windows Pro
License Office 2019 pro plus ( sans souscription ) y compris
Mise en service / Configuration / Migration données et Livraison y compris

À partir de 750.- CHF TTC
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Imprimante multifonction Brother 3000 séries

Imprimante multifonction Brother 3000 séries
Laser/Led couleur

Résolution d’impression => 2400 x 600 ppp
Impression recto verso => Oui
Vitesse d’impression (monochrome) => 24 PPM
Vitesse d’impression (couleur) => 24 PPM
Délai de sortie de la première impression => 15 s
Mise en service / Configuration et livraison y compris

À partir de 400.- CHF TTC
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Repeteur WiFi / Point d’accès

Utilisation domestique ou professionnelle
Repeteur WiFi / Point d’accès
Xiaomi / TpLink / Fritz!

Norme WiFi => Wi-Fi 1 / 802.11bi, Wi-Fi 3 / 802.11gi, Wi-Fi 4 / 802.11n
Distance => Jusq’au 100 mts
Mise en service / Configuration et livraison y compris

À partir de 125.- CHF TTC

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Official distributor of major IT brands

As a dedicated IT company, we look to great quality brands that never disappoint us.

We are distributors of specialized brands such as:

  • Lenovo, the biggest brand in the world which markets laptops, desktops, tablets, etc.,
  • Hewlett-Packard (HP), the American brand that designs two-in-one laptops and hybrids and is renowned as one of the best computer brands,
  • Acer, the world’s fourth largest IT brand, offers high-performance computers recommended for micro-businesses and SMEs,
  • Asus, the Taiwanese brand specializing in the design of laptops, hybrids, desktops and tablets, making it the 5th global brand in the field,
  • And more, for all budgets.

Sale of computer hardware and accessories

Our teams are committed to offering the best computer equipment just for you: quality printers, high-performance screens, Wi-Fi hotspots for better connection, wiring, etc.
Depending on your request and your needs, our company will provide you with computer equipment to make your daily work easier. Ask us for a quote to design your computer park at a very advantageous price.

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