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Computer Troubleshooting via Teamviewer

Setting up Remote Computer Troubleshooting via Teamviewer

In the office and at home, no one is really safe from computer failure. In small and medium-sized enterprises, associations and independent individuals, these small failures can be really annoying. When they are not resolved in time, small technical problems can also cause serious problems in the entire computer system.

Ideally, care should be taken as soon as the failure appears. 4M Services Informatiques Sàrl is a company specialized in the management, but also the maintenance of servers, computer networks and workstations. Founded in 2015, our Geneva-based company is primarily aimed at private individuals, associations and SMEs located in the Geneva region and in search of a competent computer service company.

Professional and warm company, We provide a reliable and efficient remotely computer troubleshooting service. Through our personalized software, we can get access to your servers and computers, remotely, no matter where we are, thanks to a simple internet connection.

The access offered by this technology is completely secure. With this software, our technicians can easily troubleshoot your PC, your Mac, your network, your ADSL connection and your Wi-Fi network. At depannageinformatique.ch, remote interventions on computer issues generally take 1 to 2 hours, for a price calculated as fairly as possible. Our technicians can also recover your data on a damaged disk.

Are you an individual and want to take advantage of our services? Call us as soon as possible. We are at your service, every day including weekends and 24 h/24 h.

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