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On-site Computer Troubleshooting

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At private individuals as well as in SMEs, computer failures are commonplace. While in most cases these technical concerns are fairly easy to solve, in some cases the on-site intervention of skilled and experienced technicians is required. This is the case, for example, when the failure in question concerns the server or the computer network of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Once there, our technicians can proceed to the troubleshooting of your PC, your Mac, your network, your ADSL connection as well as your wi-fi network. At Dépannage Informatique Genèveh, the rates offered are unbeatable. The price of on-site computer troubleshooting by our technicians is calculated at as fairly as possible and according to the type of intervention. This service allows you to have specialized staff in network management and IT support at your disposal.

The service includes, of course, resolving encountered hardware issues and network issues. Also, at Dépannage Informatique Genève, we make a point of meeting your emergency response needs within 2 hours maximum. In addition to the professionalism shown by our technicians, our company guarantees you a warm welcome and an impeccable quality of service.

Dépannage Informatique Genève is specialised in the management and maintenance of servers, computer networks and workstations. Founded in 2015, our platform enables individuals, associations and SMEs located in the Geneva region to benefit from a fast, efficient and effective computer troubleshooting service just as large companies do.

For an unbeatable price, our technicians can also recover your data in a damaged disk. We are also dealers of the Stellar brand. Do you need an emergency response at your office? Contact us. Our team is at your disposal 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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