L’entreprise prestataire de services est Dépannage Informatique Genève, Pliego Pobo.

Microsoft Azure

Access to Microsoft Azure
Access to Microsoft Azure through depannageinformatique.ch

Dépannage Informatique Genève is specialised in the management and maintenance of servers, workstations and computer networks. Founded in 2015, the company offers a range of services to individuals, SMEs and associations, to enable them to benefit from a computer service high quality identical to that one of large companies.

Microsoft Azure is a set of application tools in the field of Cloud Computing; it has, in particular, a range of services and accommodation in the Cloud. Microsoft Azure is intended to help entrepreneurs meet the challenges they face.

The services offered via the platform, for databases, are, for example, NoSQL with Azure TableStorage or SQL with SQL database. For the infrastructure service, Azure provides access to virtual machines. In terms of application management, the platform provides access to services such as Azure Website and Azure Mobile Services for web applications and mobile applications as well as API management among others.

As a cloud solution provider, our company can send experts to your home to advise you on the best way to use cloud computing, so your business can improve performance. At Dépannage Informatique Genève, we also provide you with other Cloud solutions such as Office 365.

Our company also provides computer maintenance and computer troubleshooting service, which can be carried out on-site or remotely, through the interviewer software. Dépannage Informatique Genève works in the sale of new or used computer equipment.

In addition to being an official brand distributor of leading hardware and software components such as HP, our company is an official Microsoft@ partner.

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