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Do you run an SME? Do you want to replace certain elements of your computing equipment in order to optimize the performance of your company? Call us, Dépannage Informatique Genève.

Founded in 2015, Dépannage Informatique Genève is specialized in the management and maintenance of servers, computer networks and workstations. We are based in Geneva. Since it was created, our company stands out due to its warm, professional and demanding approach.

Dépannage Informatique Genève is intended primarily for individuals, SMEs and associations, to whom we offer the same quality of computer services like the one enjoyed by large companies. What’s the difference? At Dépannage Informatique Genève, our rates are very competitive. To help SMEs benefit from well-maintained computing equipment, we make available a fully customized ITaaS computer maintenance service and a remote or on-site computer troubleshooting service.

At Dépannage Informatique Genève we aim to provide a complete service to our customers. In addition to the mentioned services, our company also sells various computer equipment. We also have the advantage of being the official dealer of the most well-known brands of computer equipment, whether new or used equipment.

Among the famous brands of which we are dealers, we can mention Lenovo and HP. Dépannage Informatique Genève also offers toners, cartridges and other computer consumables. The prices of our offers on our online portal vary considerably and are particularly competitive.

Want to buy various equipment on our site? Contact us. We will be happy to provide you with a quote, based on your actual needs and respecting your budget possibilities.

The purchase of your computing equipment can be carried out by means of a lease contract and include this cost in the monthly rate of your contract so that you always pay the same fixed price per user and per month with no tariff surprise.

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