L’entreprise prestataire de services est Dépannage Informatique Genève, Pliego Pobo.

Geneva IT Support

Home computer support services

Tel. 078 700 27 60

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Geneva IT Support

Home computer troubleshooting services

Tel. 078 700 27 60

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About us

Dépannage Informatique Geneva is specialised in the management and maintenance of PC and Mac computers for individuals and SME’s of Geneva’s area. Founded in 2015, we are the response to growing demand in Geneva of an affordable and reliable computer service company. Dépannage Informatique Geneva stands out because of its warm, professional and demanding approach.

We allow you to enjoy the same computer service quality experienced by large companies, but at more affordable rates. The maintenance of computing equipment is a task that today can be considered complex. When not identified in time, a simple failure can indeed damage the entire computer system of an SME and adversely affect the smooth running of a company’s activities.

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Computer troubleshooting

Home Computer Support Service: 80CHF per hour travel expenses included.

As part of this service, we offer to troubleshoot your PC, your Mac, your network, your ADSL connection and your wi-fi network. Depending on the problems encountered, we can also implement a process for recovering your data, on a PC or in another storage system. Most computer troubleshooting can be done remotely by our technicians.

With our computer troubleshooting service, you benefit from a quick and effective intervention at unbeatable rates. At Dépannage Informatique Genève, we offer for a fixed monthly price, custom ITaaS computer maintenance contracts. Each contract covers all the computer needs of SMEs located in the Geneva region, such as hardware, licenses and IT services.

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SME IT Support

IT systems security is provided by anti-malware, antivirus, on-the-cloud backup software, and specific email protection programs.

To remain effective, a technician must permanently guarantee their proper operation. And this is precisely one of the services we integrate into our computer maintenance contracts for SMEs.

Our technicians regularly monitor applications remotely, without disturbing you at work. To allow small and medium-sized companies to benefit from a maintenance service that perfectly meets their needs, Pliego Pobo Informatique makes available several additional options. The inclusion of Office 365 and Azure licenses to your maintenance contract, installing and uninstalling computer programs remotely while preventing users from having administrator access: the choice of options depends entirely on the needs of your business.

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Hardware sell

Need to renew your workstations? Dépannage Informatique Genève is once again the provider you should contact. Our company is indeed the official dealer of the best brands of computer hardware including Lenovo, HP, of toners and all kinds of computer consumables. Dépannage Informatique Genève is also an official Microsoft@ partner.

Cloud Solutions Providers

We can train your team for the appropriate use of quality tools like Azure and Office 365. When fully exploited, they can help you improve your productivity dramatically. At Dépannage Informatique Genève, we are available 7d/7d 24/24. For more information or to get a quote, do not doubt to contact us.

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En raison des mesures prises par le gouvernement genevois, nous vous informons que nos assistances sur place seront arrêtés dès aujourd’hui et pour une durée indéterminée. Nous vous tiendrons bien évidemment informés de tout changement.

Afin de palier cela, nos assistances en ligne restent assurées ! N’hésitez pas nous contacter ( info@depannaginformatique.ch ou 078 700 27 60 ) pour demander notre aide immédiate.

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